Diet Coke is like cigarettes

I’m 28 weeks pregnant, for the second time around. This time, unlike last time, I’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes (WTF!).

With all the dietary changes I’m currently making, something’s gotta give, right? If I need to limit my carbs, then SOMETHING needs to come in and take the edge off of cravings and hunger.

That, my fellow Mommies, is Diet Coke.

I gave it up completely during Baby Seal’s pregnancy. And, post pregnancy, I reduced Diet Coke to one can every couple of days (I would sip it and save it).  I do not have that strength in me this time around.  I’m sorry, Baby Seal #2, that you are going to be sharing in Mom’s artificial sugar indulgence.

In my defense, I could do the PERFECT diet, sans Diet Coke,  if the following factors were not in my life:

1. Bad, bad, head cold that is due to pregnancy (so any tips are unwarranted…chances are I’ve already tried what you are about to suggest).  This is like the cold from Hell. Imagine you do not have a nose. Actually, hold your nostrils together and breath through your mouth. This is what I wake up and go to sleep to….there is no concept of sinus rinse for me.  Where would the liquid go? Down my face.

2. Phlegmy disgusting cough. This has lasted over a month now and FINALLY the doctor put me on antibiotics.  Baby Seal is used to and mimics my loud,  Momma Seal’s itchy throat clearing dance.

3.  Pregnancy Insomnia. This comes and goes. Some nights I wake up 5 times, some nights I make it through 4-5 hours of blissful, throat itchy/nose clogged sleep.

4. Pelvic pain that prevents me from finishing things my perfectionist self wants to get finished. It also prevents me from enjoying excersise and fresh air.

5. Baby Seal. Duh.

Kids are resilient. They have made it through worse things, whether in our out of the womb, right? I think back to my Aunt who was raised on baby bottles of chai and Parle G biscuits. (She was a middle child with a working Mother who did anything to make her quiet, even if that meant caffiene loaded liquids). Out of all her female siblings, she turned out the tallest, slimmest, and most educated. Go fig.


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The super list of medicines!

During my last pregnancy I kept a running list of medicines I was taking to deal with various symptoms. It was LONG. Here are the meds I am on for the current pregnancy:

1. Thyroid

2. Nasacort

3. Flonase (technically not from my doc…I am a bad patient, I got this bottle from a friend who didn’t need it after her preggo cold went away – jealous of dissapearing colds!)

4. Afrin (and it’s various counterparts – There are many brands out there, and I like to mix it up to keep the muscle memory in my nostrils low). And I know it’s bad for me on so many levels, but the past pregnancy I learned the hard way, and this is the only thing that allows me to sleep. I will deal with addiction issues once the baby is out, same thing I did with BabySeal after he was born.

5. Emergen – C (I hate taking vitamins this pregnancy…they just don’t suit me, so I take this when I’m feeling guilty…it’s basically a drink mix that gives me a huge shot of vitamins)

6. Acid Reflux meds: Ranitidine and Nexium. I don’t take these every day, but occassionally. More often I pop Tums on the evenings when I can’t bear the swish swish of acid coming up my throat.

7.  Throat sprays and Tyenol – For sore throats and body aches.


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Mom’s visit

Benefits of my Mom visiting while I am 27 weeks preggers:

1. I get up in the morning, and the dishwasher has already been emptied.

2. I go to bed in the evening, and do not even LOOK at the sink or dishwasher. The dishes magically go away.

3. Dinner is prepared w/o much help from me.

4. If I feel the urge to go on a walk at 5pm sans Baby Seal, then I go. If I feel extremely tired at 10am after a long night of tossing and turning, and little sleep, then I take a nap. Baby Seal plays with Grandma.

5. My pantry gets cleaned/organized. The guest bedroom closet that had an overload of my pre-pregnancy clothes gets organized so that my MIL (who arrives next week) has room to hang her own clothes.  Stuff like that.

6. I can ask Mom to do random things like get Baby Seal water when I’m too comfortable to get up for the 100th time.

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Symphysis pubis dysFUNction

All sorts of fun in pregnancy for me!

Let’s add pelvic girdle pain, or symphysis pubis dysfunction.

Here’s the wikipedia link for people who want to get sleepy:

Symptoms include extreme waddling (hello, totally me, I walk like a penguin on crutches), groin and hip pain, and difficulty with stairs.


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What does a Doula do?

Had my first official meeting with doula Deb today. Baby Seal went down for a nap just in time. Deb and I discussed several aspects of the birthing process, and I found it fascinating! I do not have this level of comfort with my OBGYN. When I ask questions to the doctor, I almost feel a little embarressed with the “silliness” of my questions. But with Deb, I found her well informed on all the natural remedies and methods.

She revealed to me that I am an ideal candidate for a natural birth. My previous delivery of Baby Seal went very smoothly – I technically was in hard labor for only 6 hours, pushed for 20 minutes. (Technically because I contracted for 24 hours to get to 3cm dilation, and then it went very fast from there). I did not have any inducing drugs or pitocin to hurry up the labor process. The contractions began naturally, and I was exactly 40 weeks. Deb said spending most of my labor at home was the smartest thing to do – apparently the longer you stay in a hospital, the chances of having some sort of intervention (epidural, drugs, pitocin, inducment, c-section) increase, and the more intervention we have, the more intervention we need to cope with the intervention! Phew. So, hopefully this next time around I won’t need the epidural. I am realistic, however…I realize that in the moment, especially from 8 to 10 cm dilation transition period, I will be wanting to snap someone’s head off and that an epidural is possible. But at least this time I can say I would have tried my best, under my own terms and with maximum support. Unlike the last time.

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Am trying to not think about:

  • The ache in my hips and bottom part of the belly. Do people who have large guts (non preggo) also have an constant ache in that area? Need to hold up my bump just to walk fast.
  • The two annoying blisters (or warts? eew!) on the bottom of my left foot. Thank you shoes worn  two weeks ago at a dinner event, you are super cute and comfy, but not when standing in them for over an hour. Next time need to add some Dr. Scholl’s inserts or something if I know I’m going to be in one position for a long time.
  • My unorganized paper life. Missing in action: husband’s birth certificate (I’ve never seen it though, so not sure even where to look), the title to my car (I have a feeling the drawer in my dresser, which I cleaned out, has magically EATEN it. It must be behind the drawer – I remember seeing the title in there!). Just don’t know how to remove the drawer and put it back successfully since it’s a fancy dresser. BAAAH how annoying!
  • The increasing lack of space between the master bed and the crib. Seriously I’m too large to squeeze to my side of the bed now. And Baby Seal says “Ouchie!” at least once while passing through this perilous alley. I’m dreaming of wide open spaces.
  • The disgusting stain near my night stand where Baby Seal splashed my chai a few weeks ago. I can’t even bend down there to clean up the stain because of the tight fit. Argh.
  • My weight. And triple chin.
  • Need an eye appointment. Somehow I always forget to schedule this one. Pretty soon Baby Seal will finally manage to rip open my contacts in the bathroom drawer and I will have to wear my bendy glasses.
  • Oh dear. Flossing.
  • The couches in my living room. I HATE THEM. My life is incomplete until I have matching/complimenting furniture. Sick of feeling like I live in a dorm or temporary housing.
  • That we eat in the family room. Seriously we need a small table to eat on. I grew up eating on a table. I don’t care what the rest of the world may do.
  • The glasses in our kitchen cabinets for drinking. I hate steel glasses (very Indian thing) being displayed alongside glass tumblers. It just looks dumb and unorganized. But my husband and his Mom use them and like them. Same thing with the steel plates.

The End. Now that those are out of my head, need to fix my sugar low and eat something then read before bed.

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22 Weeks

And I look like I’m carrying twins!

Top – Macy’s

Jacket – Macy’s
Pants – Motherhood Maternity, tailored to fit my height during 1st pregnancy
Shoes – Payless (can’t see the heels, and they are so comfy!)
Bangles – India ‘2007 (I bought them on whim during a shopping expedition for my American friends, but they did not fit any of their wrists! Somehow they fit mine despite my horrid weight gain)
Purse – China ‘2008, G’s work related trip to Behjing
Baby Seal’s Sweater: Llama wool from Peru; Camo Pants: Gift from Nani; Shoes: JCPenney (he wears these every single day, they are so easy to get on and off!)
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