It’s 9:30pm

The house is finally silent. I am going to get my lazy bum up and do the following now:

1. Long hot shower and shave legs. Seriously…today at Baby Seal #1’s swimming lesson I (unawares) wore palazzo pants with Ugg boots, leaving a 2 inch gap of hairy skin. So attractive, I know.

2. Clean kitchen (almost done)

3. Pick – up living room

4. Hang up clothes in closet – This is due to wardrobe and body image issues. There are essentially two problems here:

a. I still have maternity clothes taking up over half of my single hanger rod. Need to box them up.

b. Am working on my weight. In the meantime I go through mad phases of “I wonder if this fits me now?” to check on my progress. Then a kid screams or nearly faints from hunger so I need to stop and attend to things (for several hours).

BTW, I did a mad dash to a department store today from 3 to 5pm (including travel time). I HATE shopping during holidays, but had to brave the crowds because I need something formal to wear for a party. The problem is I have 20 + extra poundage which stops me from wearing just anything. I grabbed a cart, and piled on the clothes for the fitting room. I must have tried 30 + items and walked out with a blouse (too large but will see if my Mother in law can take it in a bit), a black blazer, black pants and shorts (the shorts were on clearance for $4, figured why not). I’m sure part of this will be returned, it depends on my mood and how fat I’m feeling in the next few days.



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