Because the night

Belongs to lovers?

No. It doesn’t. Lovers are ignorant of the cold dark nuances of each passing minute. The sounds of babies crying at 3:22 am. The flickering of lights. Blankets are wrapped. Diapers changed in sleepy haze and thrown to the corner. Bodies and bassinets rocked. Bottles made and breasts massaged. Windows opened/closed. Heaters placed carefully. Falling asleep, only to be urgently awaken 40 minutes later. Repeat cycle until the glorious 6am hour when baby can be handed to someone. Sleep blissfully and uninterrupted for 2 hours, silently adding up the bits of sleep in one’s head.

Lovers are too busy staring at each other, dancing, dreaming. The night belongs to parents of newborn children, who are aware of every sound in the nocturnal air.

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