My evening bathroom routine

Should include:

1. Tooth brush / floss 2. Wash face 3. Acne med 4. Tone 5. Moisturize 6. Eye cream7. Brush hair, oil if nec, straighten / curl so next day don’t look like bag lady (I was once mistaken for a hitchhiker/bag lady…seriously. Large overstuffed backpack, hair in unruly undone mess, sans makeup, sweat clothes, run into gas station for a caffeine fix. Concerned eyebrowed lady stops me to ask if I am a hitchiker and if I need any help. That was the end of my leave the house looking like crap days. Or so I thought until I screamed out two baby seals).

8. Contact lenses in fresh cleanser 9. Set out clothes for next day 10. Make list of things to do next day.

Actually includes:

1. Brush teeth.

2. Feed baby.

3. Be grumpy and feel sorry for myself.

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