Signs of Labor?

Mild contractions, ranging from every 10 minutes to every 4 minutes.  Doctor confirmed that they are indeed contractions and not merely Braxton Hicks. Crampy feeling.

Overall feeling like I have the flu. Scratchy throat, achy limbs.

Strong, all – encompassing FATIGUE. All I want to do is lay down and rest or sleep.

Lower back ache. No, baby is not facing foward. But I still have this back ache that makes it difficult to walk for very long or stand.

Going to the bathroom, cleaning out the system, very frequently. Basically if I eat something, I need to go shortly afterwards.

Swollen foot. Yes, only foot, not feet. For some reason only my right side is swollen.

Doctor said he thinks baby will be arriving very soon, probably by the first week of August if not sooner. I was feeling so bad a few days ago that I was certain he was going to be born early at 35 weeks. Packed my bags (very slowly and with groans) and was ready to go to the hospital.  Checked my blood pressure, it was slightly high so they recommended lots of rest to slow down the contractions and lower the blood pressure. I was happy that at least baby was fine. He hadn’t moved as much as his usual in the past few days and I was freaking out, to me a lack of movement is not a good thing at this stage.


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