On why Gestational Diabetes is a load of crap

Search Gestational Diabetes – over diagnosis on Bing and you will see what I mean.

I was told that it is better to consume artificial sweeteners (Diet Coke, sugar free cookies) than it is to eat a juicy sweet summer peach. REALLY???  I should forgo the healthy fruits that preggo ladies have been told to eat for centuries, and instead gorge on artifical powders that will also root up various cancers in my (and possibly baby’s) body?

And don’t even get me started about the blood tests. I check finger #1 and get one reading. Then I check finger #2 and get a reading that varies by 20 points or more. ARGH! Then I go and wash my hands and do a little dance while trying to figure out if I have some sort of chemical or substance that is making the varied reading.

So when my doctor during my oh-so-wonderful-weekly NST asks “So how’s the blood sugar?” I reply: FINE. And he doesn’t ask me for my numbers. And I don’t elaborate. End of story.

I’ll stick with trying to eat healthier overall (low carb wraps, cottage cheese, water, whole grains, protien). If I crave pizza, then as God as my witness in this final month, I am going to eat pizza.

My food today:

Breakfast: Kashi Go Lean Whole Grain Waffles (2) with organic Peanut butter and a smudge of local honey. Skim milk. (I am usually super low in the morning fasting blood sugar, around 70-ish, and the only thing I can think about when I wake up is something to make me feel less jittery, i.e., food).

Snack:  Baby Seal had chips, I took some from his bowl

Snack #2: Half a peach.

Late Lunch: Curry leaf potatos, 2 low carb high fiber wraps.

Snack #1: Sugar craving – Low sugar Icecream bar (love them bcz they are low carb & don’t taste that way)

Snack #2: On the way to the doc office: Mixed nuts, iced coffee no sugar.

Snack #3: The other half of the peach.

Dinner: 1 piece whole grain bread, mung bean lentils, more curry leaf potatos

Snack: Fat free cottage cheese

Snack #2: Half glass of whole milk (I’ve found that this curbs repeated snacking and controls my sugar all night, as compared to skim milk, probably because it’s just heavier in general).

So my diet is by no means a low fat diet or weight loss geared diet, but an attempt at controlling third trimester cravings, hunger, and also keeping blood sugar in mind. I could add more leafy greans, but I’m just too freaking tired to go and pursue these things…I eat what is at home and what I remember to buy. If I happen to have lettuce or spinach, i add it to a sandwich. If there are cucumbers, I eat them with hummus. Same goes with carrots (although carrots give high blood sugar!). Most of my veggies come from the Indian dishes cooked at home.


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