Diet Coke is like cigarettes

I’m 28 weeks pregnant, for the second time around. This time, unlike last time, I’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes (WTF!).

With all the dietary changes I’m currently making, something’s gotta give, right? If I need to limit my carbs, then SOMETHING needs to come in and take the edge off of cravings and hunger.

That, my fellow Mommies, is Diet Coke.

I gave it up completely during Baby Seal’s pregnancy. And, post pregnancy, I reduced Diet Coke to one can every couple of days (I would sip it and save it).  I do not have that strength in me this time around.  I’m sorry, Baby Seal #2, that you are going to be sharing in Mom’s artificial sugar indulgence.

In my defense, I could do the PERFECT diet, sans Diet Coke,  if the following factors were not in my life:

1. Bad, bad, head cold that is due to pregnancy (so any tips are unwarranted…chances are I’ve already tried what you are about to suggest).  This is like the cold from Hell. Imagine you do not have a nose. Actually, hold your nostrils together and breath through your mouth. This is what I wake up and go to sleep to….there is no concept of sinus rinse for me.  Where would the liquid go? Down my face.

2. Phlegmy disgusting cough. This has lasted over a month now and FINALLY the doctor put me on antibiotics.  Baby Seal is used to and mimics my loud,  Momma Seal’s itchy throat clearing dance.

3.  Pregnancy Insomnia. This comes and goes. Some nights I wake up 5 times, some nights I make it through 4-5 hours of blissful, throat itchy/nose clogged sleep.

4. Pelvic pain that prevents me from finishing things my perfectionist self wants to get finished. It also prevents me from enjoying excersise and fresh air.

5. Baby Seal. Duh.

Kids are resilient. They have made it through worse things, whether in our out of the womb, right? I think back to my Aunt who was raised on baby bottles of chai and Parle G biscuits. (She was a middle child with a working Mother who did anything to make her quiet, even if that meant caffiene loaded liquids). Out of all her female siblings, she turned out the tallest, slimmest, and most educated. Go fig.


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One Response to Diet Coke is like cigarettes

  1. chandana says:

    Diet coke to rescue. Good it’s taking care of your cravings.
    Sometimes reading and listening things like these scare me about pregnancy.I have seen family and friends with feelings ranging from oh this is the most wonderful time to oh things can’t get tougher than this. I think every mom forgets what she went through the first time around after seeing the baby and wishes to do it all over again.
    Baby seal is already imitating you…LOL
    I agree kids are so resilient they can survive most of the things.

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