The super list of medicines!

During my last pregnancy I kept a running list of medicines I was taking to deal with various symptoms. It was LONG. Here are the meds I am on for the current pregnancy:

1. Thyroid

2. Nasacort

3. Flonase (technically not from my doc…I am a bad patient, I got this bottle from a friend who didn’t need it after her preggo cold went away – jealous of dissapearing colds!)

4. Afrin (and it’s various counterparts – There are many brands out there, and I like to mix it up to keep the muscle memory in my nostrils low). And I know it’s bad for me on so many levels, but the past pregnancy I learned the hard way, and this is the only thing that allows me to sleep. I will deal with addiction issues once the baby is out, same thing I did with BabySeal after he was born.

5. Emergen – C (I hate taking vitamins this pregnancy…they just don’t suit me, so I take this when I’m feeling guilty…it’s basically a drink mix that gives me a huge shot of vitamins)

6. Acid Reflux meds: Ranitidine and Nexium. I don’t take these every day, but occassionally. More often I pop Tums on the evenings when I can’t bear the swish swish of acid coming up my throat.

7.  Throat sprays and Tyenol – For sore throats and body aches.


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