What does a Doula do?

Had my first official meeting with doula Deb today. Baby Seal went down for a nap just in time. Deb and I discussed several aspects of the birthing process, and I found it fascinating! I do not have this level of comfort with my OBGYN. When I ask questions to the doctor, I almost feel a little embarressed with the “silliness” of my questions. But with Deb, I found her well informed on all the natural remedies and methods.

She revealed to me that I am an ideal candidate for a natural birth. My previous delivery of Baby Seal went very smoothly – I technically was in hard labor for only 6 hours, pushed for 20 minutes. (Technically because I contracted for 24 hours to get to 3cm dilation, and then it went very fast from there). I did not have any inducing drugs or pitocin to hurry up the labor process. The contractions began naturally, and I was exactly 40 weeks. Deb said spending most of my labor at home was the smartest thing to do – apparently the longer you stay in a hospital, the chances of having some sort of intervention (epidural, drugs, pitocin, inducment, c-section) increase, and the more intervention we have, the more intervention we need to cope with the intervention! Phew. So, hopefully this next time around I won’t need the epidural. I am realistic, however…I realize that in the moment, especially from 8 to 10 cm dilation transition period, I will be wanting to snap someone’s head off and that an epidural is possible. But at least this time I can say I would have tried my best, under my own terms and with maximum support. Unlike the last time.

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