Am trying to not think about:

  • The ache in my hips and bottom part of the belly. Do people who have large guts (non preggo) also have an constant ache in that area? Need to hold up my bump just to walk fast.
  • The two annoying blisters (or warts? eew!) on the bottom of my left foot. Thank you shoes worn  two weeks ago at a dinner event, you are super cute and comfy, but not when standing in them for over an hour. Next time need to add some Dr. Scholl’s inserts or something if I know I’m going to be in one position for a long time.
  • My unorganized paper life. Missing in action: husband’s birth certificate (I’ve never seen it though, so not sure even where to look), the title to my car (I have a feeling the drawer in my dresser, which I cleaned out, has magically EATEN it. It must be behind the drawer – I remember seeing the title in there!). Just don’t know how to remove the drawer and put it back successfully since it’s a fancy dresser. BAAAH how annoying!
  • The increasing lack of space between the master bed and the crib. Seriously I’m too large to squeeze to my side of the bed now. And Baby Seal says “Ouchie!” at least once while passing through this perilous alley. I’m dreaming of wide open spaces.
  • The disgusting stain near my night stand where Baby Seal splashed my chai a few weeks ago. I can’t even bend down there to clean up the stain because of the tight fit. Argh.
  • My weight. And triple chin.
  • Need an eye appointment. Somehow I always forget to schedule this one. Pretty soon Baby Seal will finally manage to rip open my contacts in the bathroom drawer and I will have to wear my bendy glasses.
  • Oh dear. Flossing.
  • The couches in my living room. I HATE THEM. My life is incomplete until I have matching/complimenting furniture. Sick of feeling like I live in a dorm or temporary housing.
  • That we eat in the family room. Seriously we need a small table to eat on. I grew up eating on a table. I don’t care what the rest of the world may do.
  • The glasses in our kitchen cabinets for drinking. I hate steel glasses (very Indian thing) being displayed alongside glass tumblers. It just looks dumb and unorganized. But my husband and his Mom use them and like them. Same thing with the steel plates.

The End. Now that those are out of my head, need to fix my sugar low and eat something then read before bed.

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2 Responses to Am trying to not think about:

  1. Ameena says:

    You make me laugh. Bendy glasses? Flossing? Steel glasses? Oh how I can relate. What is it with Indian in-laws and their fixation on cutlery and tableware? If I see one more Corningware dish….

    I hope you got your sugar fix! It can make anything better. And the triple chin? It’ll be gone in no time at all…hang in there my friend!

  2. rajthandhi says:

    Too funny, but I can relate to almost everyone! Whenever my mother in law comes to visit I try not to open the cupboards for anything. Somehow or another things are going t be moved around and I’m going to get annoyed, so I just avoid the whole process.

    Hang in there, you’ve almost made it through to the other side 🙂


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