Potty training is cute…

Chillin’ on the pot

…when you get over the first few days of changing sweat pants every 10 to 30 minutes, and taking the kid to the toilet every 30 minutes to an hour.  I WAS TIRED. Especially hated cleaning up the poopy stuff.

Baby Seal had this habit of doing #2 only in the following situations:

1. In front of a window (while watching crows/pondering life or waving to Dad backing out the driveway in the AM).

2. In his safe cozy corner between the couch, toy box, and standing lamp. If I didn’t hear any baby seal squeaks or toys crashing for sometime, chances were he was sitting in his corner and silently doing his business.

So you can see how it took some training to get him to do it in the potty. I put him on the potty every morning after his Dad left, and one day it finally took – G put him on the toilet and he did it.

Of course, he finally did it when G put him on the toilet. Of course, G gets the credit that he made him POOP IN THE TOILET FINALLY OMYGOD.  No wonder Mothers feel so unappreciated and need constant reassurance (Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries). All their hard work behind the scenes goes unnoticed, and the Dad’s and Grandparents hog all the glory and run around being heroes.

I digress.

The amusing part is that Baby Seal is shy while doing #2 – he tells us to GO AWAY. Then he demands a sticker. Whatever works! I took out a toy ambulance from our gift closet as a reward for his first successful #2.

One thing for sure, you have to wait until your kid is ready. We had tried unsuccessfully a few months before, and I knew in my heart when he was not ready. I had a feeling that when his Grandma left (who is a little TOO helpful, and can be manipulated by a 2.5 year old), we would have more consistent potty times. Potty training is procedural – you have to do the same thing every single time. Everyone has a different style. And it’s okay to take a break, but at the same times of the day (we consistently potty trained in the morning, and then post naptime if I was distracted/tired I would let him get away with going in his pull up).

It also helped that Baby Seal was really interested in the bathroom itself. (Inside voice: What is with boys and bathrooms? His Dad spends way too much time on the pot too. I take 2 minutes. What are they doing? This bathroom isn’t really an “escape”…I can’t stand the old baseboards and pink marker drawings on the scuffed tile.)

He liked the responsibility of arranging the baby seat on the pot, taking his pants off, pulling the stool up to the sink, etc. My kid just loves helping, so giving him small activities that made him feel independant worked wonders. I made sure he picked up his pants afterwards and put them in the dirty basket, or threw away his diaper himself. Teaching independance can be a double edged sword, however. For example, if one wants to rush out the door in 10 minutes and toddler DEMANDS on putting his pants and shoes on himself in his own sweet time, you are screwed.

Captain Underpants!

P.S. I must mention how my husband “helps” with the laundry:

  • He dumps the entire contents of Baby Seal’s hamper into the washer, no seperating  or sorting. (My perfectionist tendency means that at times I can fall behind on laundry, but when I do it I do it RIGHT – treat stains, seperating cold and hot, vinegar with smelly sheets/towels, the works).  Then he does the same with the wet clothes – straight into the dryer w/o a glance. When I went to take them out, lo and behold – pants full of dried POOP chunks, and little poopy dried bits all over the rest of the clothes. (Baby Seal had an accident that day and hubbie had put the pants into the wash w/o turning it on or rinsing the pants, waiting for me to deal with it as usual I suppose, then forgot and put the rest of the clothes in too.
  • Another time of hubbie helping ncluded a whole diaper in the wet wash. When I took out the wet clothes, the diaper was FULL and there were little gummy crystals all over our clothes. Ew.  (Baby Seal’s independant streak can lead to accidentally putting wet pull-ups into the dirty clothes hamper versus the diaper genie).
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