Elmo Action Potentials

Not sure if it is due to starting preschool, or another phase in toddlerhood, but Baby Seal is going through some major naughtiness. No one believes me (except for my husband who has witnessed it first hand) because Baby Seal likes to put his best Elmo-socked foot forward with strangers, playgroups, family, and teachers. He saves the good stuff (tantrums, hair pulling, spitting, general vomit & poop related topics) for Mommy.

All the cool kids pick their nose.

A few weeks ago I would simply state “Let’s clean up!” and Baby Seal would excitedly pick up all the toys in the living room. He was SO thorough, not leaving one block or puzzle piece, I felt we needed to advertise his  services as a professional toy picker-upper. Now, it takes bargaining, bribes, threats, and sitting down in the living room barking orders to get the explosion of toddler paraphanelia picked up.

Furthermore, he has unfortunetly discovered that moving a stool or chair to a counter top can aid his never-ending quest for grown – up stuff. I was lucky, because most kids begin this climbing phase earlier than 26 months.

If I hear silence, I KNOW that Baby Seal is probably up on a stool in our bathroom, casually washing his hands (splashing, rubbing the dirty sink and then licking his fingers) and using one of our electric toothbrushes. Anything with water or heights freaks me out, so you can imagine the ensuing scene. He has tons of toys in each room of the house, yet when I am getting ready in the morning he insists on trying to reach the searing-hot curling iron or expensive bottles of makeup.

Today at Costco (die Costco die), we had merely entered when Baby Seal’s brain immediately began sending Elmo action potentials, reminding him that several toddler years ago (3 months back) he read an Elmo book in the ginormous cart.  So every few seconds, Baby Seal yelled “I NEED to read a book Mommy!” It took 15 minutes of this before I gave in and walked (more like pushed with hippo-in-natural labor grace) the cart to the book section and found an Elmo book. Then I had to re-find where I had left off shopping in the massive store, all the while Baby Seal asking “Mommy can we open the pen?”

Of course the book had a wipe off marker that I did not notice while choosing. Of course Baby Seal wanted to open it. Of course I tried to focus on what we needed in between toddler opening and closing arguments. Of course I wanted to stuff Gold fish crackers into my ears.

And that’s just a summary. I haven’t mentioned trash obsession (why must he TOUCH trash cans), running with scissors, nail cutter fun, pantry party, or let’s-shove-beads-in -the-power outlets.

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