What I did today (besides feed/cloth/bathe/cook)

  • Managed to clean out my side of the closet. Had to remove suitcases and find maternity (a.k.a, FAT ) clothes that I had stored in there a few months ago. Sadly traded out the skinny jeans and tight tops. Hopefully by next summer I’ll be back in them! BTW, someday I will have a super organized, immaculate closet with shelves, cabinets, and SPACE for all of my clothes/accessories! (And I have tons of them!)

    Insert image of me drooling on the side

  • Went to Baby Seal’s doctor’s office to get a certificate of immunization. Was nervous while he played with all the sick kids while I waited for the nurse to verify the records. But then I realized that he’s already sick (he has a cold) so it really didn’t matter.
  • Emailed/researched 4 different doulas. Scheduled 1 appointment for this Sunday. Goal is to meet at least 3, and then choose.
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