Some recent reads:

Sarah’s Key (could not put this one down, despite grogginess, almost to the point of passing out while reading. The story haunted me for a few days. I am too sensitive to anything that deals with children getting hurt!)

Half – Broken Horses (This was decent, more of a “I need something to read before bedtime, so why not this”  I liked the first book, Glass Castle, so figured another book by the same author may also be worth a read)

Glass Castle (This book was consumed hungrily in one day at my parent’s house…I borrowed it for the purpose of bringing something ot read during our trip to Peru, but I couldn’t wait, once I began chapter 1, that was the end of it. Again, I think it has to do with the children in the book and their challenges growing up with chaotic parents).

Island Beneath the Sea (Randomly chosen off a “Staff’s Fave” shelf in the library. So glad I took a chance, because I read this late into the night for several days, I enjoyed it that much.)

Bitter Sweets (Also chosen off “Staff’s Fave” Shelf in the library. Interesting story, liked the first half better than the second).

Cutting for Stone (Awesome author, such a unique, non-cliche story, can’t wait to read others by the same)

The last days of Dogtown (I enjoyed the Red Tent by the same author, this book was a much quicker read)

Another Mother’s Life (Though shall not purchase books off of the clearance rack at Barnes and Nobles just because the sticker price says $5.00…will suffer on the plane back from Peru when you have depleted all other forms of entertainment)

Hindi – Bindi Club (Thought this would be too cliche’, read it for our book club meeting, was surprisingly decent)

Books on my to read list:

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Brother’s Karazmov,  A Disobediant Girl, Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard.

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